A Very British Birthday

Was it “The Parent Trap”? The Royal Wedding broadcast live for every American princess to see in 2011? Or is it the rumor that some #blackgirlmagic may soon move onto the Kensington Palace grounds à la Me


Destination Syndrome

All my life I’ve struggled with this disease. No cough.  No scratchy throat. No headache. The symptoms are more internal than external.
Circular thought. 
Constant daydreaming.
Not enough doing.


Flaws Are Universal

This is the story all about how…okay, no. We’re not going to do that. BUT, my life is the story of a girl who grew up the ugly duckling and blossomed into a beautiful swan (If I must say so, myself).


Who Do You Love?

Love is so ridiculously blinding! I should add lust to that sentence, because let’s be honest, relationships these days are rarely the real thing. Think I’m being a Negative Nancy? Okay. That’s fine.