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How Finding a Word for the Year Positioned Me to Have an Amazing 2018

January after January, I’ve seen people on Instagram post that it’s their #PurposeYear, #YearofIntention, or something similar. Like clockwork, I’d always feel inadequate for going into a fresh set of 12 months without any vision or plan.

So, at the end of 2017, I changed that.


That’s my word for the year. Those five letters literally flashed before my eyes one morning in prayer…and I won’t lie, I wasn’t too happy about it. “Faith?” I thought. “I do that already. That’s so boring!”

I was wrong.

Each month, it seems my faith — or confidence in what I can’t see — has been tested at a level to which I’d much rather not climb. It’s like I’m going through a refresher course with God and He’s teaching me how to believe again.

If I’m honest, my divorce kind of knocked me off my feet. I’ve been walking through life with an incredible amount of cynicism and fear ever since. That’s just not who I used to be.

Five years ago, I was living and working on TV in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I know. You’ve never heard of it. It’s okay.

I had no money, no friends, and, at times, no food. Despite the challenges, I had enough FAITH to believe God for something HUGE. I asked Him for a new job, in a sunny place with palm trees and a large bump in pay. Man. How was I able to even get the words out?

Well, it all started with a scripture: Mark 11:24. I wasn’t aware at the time, but God was teaching me the ABC’s of faith. Asking, Believing, Confessing, and Demonstrating are the keys that helped me arrive in Orlando — where I subsequently ended up at a church that teaches, you guessed it, FAITH. How could I forget this stuff?!?

The full story is below. As you listen, here a few reminders God gave me to help me thrive in 2018 (aka #JazminsFaithYear). I got a hashtag, ya’ll!

1. Nothing is too much to ask. God owns everything, knows everything and knows everybody. You have nothing to lose (Genesis 18:14).

2. Believing means changing your mind about who truly holds the power. God says YOUR faith can move a mountain. Think Everest, Kilamanjaro or Rushmore…but it only works if you believe (Mark 11:22-24). An ENTIRE mountain. That job, house or successful business you want is so easy for Him.

3. Saying what you want to see, instead of going on a rant about where you currently are is a deliberate choice. You have to make that choice daily. No one can get your tonque in check but you. You’ll get whatever you say (Proverbs 18:20).

4. Demonstrating your belief could mean doing things that don’t make sense. Sometimes, you may look stupid. Just remember, God uses the foolish things to put all the people who laugh, call you crazy or try to diminish your hope, to shame (1 Corinthians 1:27). You won’t look dumb for long.


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