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From The Words of Sis. Cardi: Why Christians Have This Grace Thing All Wrong

It’s 10:15 am Sunday morning. I can tell Florida is serving up some unseasonably cooler weather because the wind is howling against my bedroom window. If not for that, I’d likely find the strength to roll out of bed. It’s not like I have to work the media booth at church in under an hour {sarcasm}.

Logically, I wrap myself tighter in my blanket and check Twitter.

Scrolling through posts from 15+hours ago, I come across this gem from Cardi B; America’s hip hop sweetheart, who was recently nominated for not one, but two Grammys.

I read the tweet carefully, three times to be exact, and sat in my bed amazed. “She’s right. God did give her that success,” I thought. “But wait, how in the world does ‘Ms. I Don’t Dance now…’ understand this more than I do?!?”

Even though I blast her songs in my car, I was bothered by her self-assurance. And….there’s the problem.

Like many believers, I go to church every week. I pray every morning. I read and confess scriptures every day…and in some way, that subconsciously makes me feel that I’m better and that God loves me more than say, a rapper who swears and openly talks about her fiery sex life.

Despite my obvious pride (and just being downright wrong), when opposition — from strangers, a boss, friends, etc. — comes my way, it’s possible I’ll start doubting God and wonder, “Have I been good enough this week to be blessed?”

Isn’t that funny? The person so focused on all the formalities of church life forgets what’s essential about the God she believes in?

His grace is undeserved kindness and love.


My actions, what I say, do and think, could never stop God from wanting me to win. The only difference between me and Cardi (who, by the way, often talks about her love for Jesus) is — she doesn’t allow her heart to make her feel guilty or unworthy.

My dear friends, if we don’t feel that we are doing wrong, we can be without fear when we come to God. And God gives us what we ask for. We receive it because we obey God’s commands and do what pleases him.” 1 John 3:21-22 (ERV)

‭There are countless scriptures about God’s desire to make us household names (like Cardi), prosper, have success, etc. If I’m a believer, I’m entitled to all that — as long as I’ve got the confidence to back it up.

So, why aren’t more Christians posting tweets like Cardi’s on a Sunday morning?

Instead, many of us go to church, jump up and down and by Monday we’re too afraid to go ask our boss for a promotion, scared to walk into a car dealership and test-drive a car everyone thinks we can’t afford and too chicken to say an affirmation every day because it doesn’t look like it could ever happen and we don’t want to be disappointed.

Oh, but if you only realized, Believer! God, the same one Cardi’s talking about, wants you to have your entire 2018 vision board in reality — the man, the house, the car, job, all of it.

Now, I know, some of ya’ll are like “So, Cardi’s music, behavior and speech is pleasing to God? Really?” Read on.

“This is what God commands: that we believe in his Son Jesus Christ, and that we love each other as he commanded.” 1 John 3:23 (ERV)

Here’s the thing. Cardi’s tweet helped to me to realize something I’d known for a long time: that going to church, tithing, giving an offering, serving, etc. benefits ME — not God. It’s not like He needs me in order to survive.

At church, I get clarity on how to deal with a situation I faced this week and perspective I didn’t have. My income has literally gone through the roof since I started tithing and giving on a regular basis (I spent YEARS on the poverty line prior to this change, despite having a degree and multiple positions in my field). By serving, I’ve gained friends, learned new skills and become a part of community.

Similarly, abstaining from sex, for those Christians who choose to do so, may keep them from the emotional hurt associated with wasting energy on non-committed partners. Staying sober, may help them hear clearly from God and make informed decisions. Choosing not to swear? It may be their way of making sure they don’t get in the habit of saying anything destructive or negative — because they believe their words matter.

However, if a Christian who actually believes those behaviors are wrong (because some may not) were to slip up and do any of them once, twice, a couple times or struggle with it for years (let’s be real), that wouldn’t negate the fact that God wants them to succeed in life. It wouldn’t stop them from being worthy of asking God for wealth. It wouldn’t stop them from being worthy of asking to be #1 in their industry and then being diligent with the talent they’ve been given.

“Dropped two mixtapes in six months…”

Sound familiar?

My point is whatever you’ve done last week, yesterday or a couple years ago should never stop you from believing you’re supposed to be a success, have everything you need, be rich, happy, at peace, etc.

I’m not advocating for you to go do whatever you really believe you’re not supposed to. I’m just encouraging you to believe that God’s always rooting for you!

Opt in to that grace. If you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness and move on.

You could get the greatest blessing of your entire life, moments after you do one of those dirty little deeds your wretched heart makes you feel so guilty about. You just have to live life with the confidence of Sis. Cardi.


  • Almost made me cry with this post! So beautifully written and so true. I really appreciate your honesty and perspective.

    • Oh! Thanks so much! Honesty is key…it’s also lé struggle, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!


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