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If Love Doesn’t Look Like Johnnyswim, I don’t want it

Not all Instagram breaks are a waste of time. Truly.

I mean, sure, I probably had better things to do, but let’s be honest, everybody (unless they’re living under a rock) spends a little bit of the day gliding their thumb against their phone screen. Up and down. Up and down. Social is addictive.

But on this IG encounter, I scrolled across a 45-second video…and it changed my life.

Live band. Red lights circling every corner of the venue. A man and woman were on stage. The invisible crowd sang along in the background. Guitar in his hand. Microphone in hers. The sound was GLORIOUS. It was folk X rock and roll mixed with the soul of 90’s r&b. It was Johnnyswim.

Months later, when the dynamic duo of Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano graced Orlando with their presence at the Downtown Food and Wine Festival, something overpowered their distinct melody. Their LOVE.

Photo credit: Darren Lau


I mean check out their album cover. I know that look, Amanda. It’s the one I give banana cupcakes from Sprinkles and Talenti Gelato.  Yeah, eat up.

Sudano is the daughter of late-disco queen Donna Summer. She and her hubby Abner (Oh, did I forget to mention that part?) have no problem sharing their insatiable desire for each other, on stage. They blessed us with a cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” in between their original hits ( Oh, yea they write all their music too)…and this happened:

The whole crowd needed a personal fan. To the critics, you can’t fake that kind of passion. You either have it or you don’t. 

Never heard Johnnyswim? Check out their Youtube  channel because: magic.

But seriously, their songs make you want to smile, cry, be held, dream…I could go on. If nothing else, they’re sure to make you fall in love — with an idea. The idea of waiting for the person who’ll love you like a fat kid loves cake. They did…and trust me, it looks like 50 was spot on.

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