Faith Means Taking The Next Step

A few days ago, I asked a question on Instagram:

God gave you today to richly enjoy! What are your plans?

With that in mind, a friend and I set out an adventure to find her new home! I know what you’re thinking. “Has she been pre-approved?” “Is her credit in order?” “Does she have thousands of dollars set aside in a savings account?”

My friends, if you’re stuck trying to find answers to any of those questions, you’re missing the point!

The Bible says the just are supposed to “live by faith”. In simplest terms, faith is our handle on what we can’t see. It’s taking the next step without seeing the full staircase.

The problem is, typically, when most of us can’t see, we don’t move. We stop living.

Even if you have no idea what it takes to buy a home or you have zero dollars in your bank account, what’s stopping you from going to an open house? What’s stopping you from sitting down with a bank to figure out the steps you need to take to get yourself in place to make the purchase?  Nothing. It’s you.

Remember: You can’t live by faith if you’re not actually living!

If anything, taking the next step will leave you inspired and with the ability to set clearer goals. Half the battle is seeing yourself in/with whatever it is you desire! With all the lighting fixtures, funky prints and cozy spaces…I was in heaven!

Plus, my friend learned about a program that provides up to $15k toward a home! Imagine if we’d never met that realtor with the all the deets?

Imagine if she’d been too afraid to take the next step?




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