Who Do You Love?

Love is so ridiculously blinding! I should add lust to that sentence, because let’s be honest, relationships these days are rarely the real thing. Think I’m being a Negative Nancy? Okay. That’s fine. But be real for a moment: how many men have you secretly told yourself or even expressed to friends — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that “He’s the ONE!”

Still with them? Okay, didn’t think so.

Since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, when many women go into a frenzy to look their best, sex up their usual date night attire and whip up all sorts of pancakes, potatoes and even steak dinners in the shape of hearts…it’s probably a great time for a little heart check.

You know, the kind that makes you question why you’re so into this new guy you just met? Why your friends and family have been going days and even weeks without hearing from you…but you talk to your boo about EV-VUH-REE-THANG? Or why you’re, all of a sudden, so pressed about weddings and rings?

I mean is this man THAT amazing? Maybe he is. Maybe he isn’t.

Or maybe you just know, deep down in your soul, that this is the Valentine’s Day you’ll get your Louis V bag? So, you’re willing to put up his garbage for just a little while longer! Ugh. {insert eye roll here}

There’s a thin line you must be careful not to cross: turning someone who could be a great guy or even a bad one (there goes that honesty thing again), into your great God.  I did it once. Now, that’s on the “never to do again” list.

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