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It Pays To Obey

obedience / ∂’bi:di∂ns  • 1. the act or practice of obeying; dutiful or submissive compliance

I’m logical. I think things through. I make decisions after copious amounts of Google searches and cross references. I never send emails without reading them 20x over. So, it should come as no surprise that before I make a big move (or let’s be honest, even some of the small ones) I consult Jesus. We’ve all been there. Foot shaking up and down, vibrating against the ground below…then a worried whisper is released, “Lord, what should I dooooooooo?”

With all the emphasis on that final word, the only action word in the entire question, one would think we’d be elated when an answer comes. In reality, that rarely happens.

In 2013, I’d asked God for a new job repeatedly. No answer. I’d applied to every news station I could find. I’d even thought about leaving TV altogether. I’d cried on my couch begging for his mercy.

Scratch that. I soiled the microfiber cushion with snot and hot tears after a particularly grueling day at my first on-air job. That’s more accurate.

Then, one day, out of nowhere I heard something. I knew it wasn’t me because, well, my mouth hadn’t opened. What I did next would change the course of my life. Okay, that’s deep…but the decision did set off a series of events that at times, spooked me, thrilled me, scared the crap out of me and ultimately paid off.


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